About the Charity shops in the UK

One of the most commonly known faces of the Red Cross in the UK, one that you may meet with in your day to day life is of course the many charity shops which are run by the Red Cross. In these shops you can find a wide range of products, at a great price, and what is better is that all the profits go to the charity. The persons working in the shops are volunteers and the good sold are donated by those wishing to aid the organisation.

The charity shops in the UK has proven such a success that they have developed and expanded into many different areas. There are now specialist shops, as well as dedicated furniture shops, as well as online presence though an online shop and items which are being auctioned. For us here the Red Cross charity shop is something that we support and wish to promote, simply due to the fact that they help so many people, not only in the aid which the organisation provides, but also promote reusing, sustainability and give opportunity for many individuals to get involve and help in a way which they know how.

If you would like to help this wonderful humanitarian organisation, you don’t have to do the work, you can just do the donation of your old clothes and unwanted furniture, get in contact with your local organisation to arrange for drop of or pick up of the things which you no longer need.

Things which the Red Cross usually welcome are unwanted clothes, toys, furniture, gifts and accessories, necklaces and bracelets, books, glassware and so on. If there are items which you are unsure of, you can always speak to your local representative to find out.

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