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In the US the American Red Cross movement provides support for the families of members of the US military. IN the UK the army takes care of its soldiers. There are different initiatives currently active in the American Red Cross, one is financial aid and assistance for families, which can include financial assistance for travel, for the burial of a loved one, emergency food and shelter and so forth. To receive the aid the family must contact the Red Cross Emergency centre in the US as well as have the applicable documentation and information at hand.

red cross aid for families
In the UK there is currently no such help available, and as the Red Cross movement is there to aid humanitarian needs, and must remain neutral there is division between military action and the Red Cross. If you are in need of more information on the American Red Cross you can find information on their official website, and for us here, the services available for American families are a beautiful thing however it’s not something we would hope should be needed for much longer. Of course sides cannot be taken, and the neutral status of the organisation must be kept, which is why relation to any military is limited, and should be kept that way. Here we are only supporters of the Red Cross movement, and support the good things they do, and continue to report on their neutral and humanitarian actions. Involvement with the military should be kept to a minimum, and this should also be the case in the US, as caring for the families of those who work for war, should be the responsibility of those who wishes to wage war.


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We are happy that the Red Cross movement helps everyone without prejudice, however we also hope that better causes and more neutral and moral causes can be found in the future.

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