About great international aid

There is enough to fill books should you wish to bring all the good aspects of the international part of the great humanitarian aid organisation is involved with and does. Each part of the Red Cross and the red crescent we support, and as an organisation who wish to bring light to some of the achievements and heroic efforts made we would here, today like to let you know about a couple of current ordeals.

The Red Cross is currently supporting the immigrants from the east with food, clean water and emergency medical attention for those who need it. This effort has been going for many months now and as stated by the core values of the organisation, those who are presented with the biggest need are also the ones who get helped first. Often this applies to pregnant women, and/or women who travel alone with children. The vast majority of immigrants are currently coming from the conflict struck areas of Iraq and Syria where the current state lead many innocent people to leave their homes and search for a better life.

In every country there are campaigns and fund raising to help the innocent victims of these wars, and as Italy, Greece and Malta are in need of assistance with the migrant situation other countries must do what they can also to help.

red cross great international aid

The current crisis is not something which will go away or that will be easily resolved, but we agree with the Red Cross that awareness must be raised, also amongst the general public of all European countries, to ensure that the situation does not become a bottle neck scenario. Being ready and realistic and to see the people in need is vital to ensure that we can respond in a humanitarian way. If you would like to aid the Red Cross in their migration support, please ensure you donate today. Go to the Red Cross official website, or visit your local Red Cross office to make your donation today.

Your assistance and help is needed

Your help is always neededEvery day, or even every second there are a whole row of different catastrophes that occur around the world, and although all of them are not large scale enough to meet the global news network, it doesn’t stop the fact that these things happen.

This is why the team here would like to urge you on to help as much as possible, though giving generously not only will you have a better conscious but you will be righteous and you will also help someone who highly needs it. It’s important that we help each other remember how lucky we are, and that we remember to share our wealth and our privilege. Now one could argue that that rich percent at the top who own the majority of all the world’s resources and money should do something to help, but they are there only to care for themselves, and although many in this percent give in large numbers, it’s relatively little considering their status.

So never leave your fate in the hands of others, instead it’s up to us to ensure that we give generously to help our fellow humans out. Something that we forget often in a world that promotes egotism. It’s of course hard to speak on any subject today without being an outright hypocrite, however there can be no criticism against speaking on the right topics and being on the right side. Don’t let not having much money affect your giving to charity, your help is needed, and to many, that fiver is a vast fortune. So gain perspective, and get in touch with the team now to get answers to the questions you have for us.

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