A global new world

global reachWith all its challenges we are in times of great change, a point arguably held by many generations gone before us, however. Some major changes have however taken place unlike any in human history. As the globe is developing so must also the boundaries of what we as individuals identify with and take responsibility for.

In today’s world we are no longer strangers to each other, you can chat online with a friend in Egypt, take the flight over to Florida, or go holiday to the tropics in south east Asia. People are interacting like in ways which have never been witnessed before.

The way in which information is carried and how communications happen reaches further for the individual than it ever has. On top of that, there are so many more individuals than there has been before as well. With a growing population, setting aside statistics of childbirth and parenthood etc, and looking at the actual figures of the population today. Comparing with 3 generations ago, realising that that the inhabitants on our globe have tripled in that short time span.

This calls for a change, not only in the way that the world is ran, but in the way that we, as individuals live and fight for ideals of human nature and human requirements. On the forefront of the battle of aid, there is an organisation which merit can fill volume after volume with righteous deeds. If you would like to be part of their healing of the planet ensure that you do your part.

Syrian refugees are welcome in Belfast

We are here today to bring you some extra ordinary news about the efforts of the great humanitarian red cross organisation. We give all the volunteers of this organisation our highest respect, and wish them the best for their great work. Our aim is to bring forward the efforts of the organisation and bring to light and publicity what they do. And of course there are too many things which they do, which can be mentioned here. However this particular story is a wonderful example of the international aid which is provided.

Currently there are great conflicts affecting the innocent people of Syria, and many refugees have been forced to leave the country. In Belfast 51 of them have arrived, including small children and a new born baby. The refugees have been welcomed to the UK, and the red cross organisation is involved in making sure they have what they need to be able to adapt and adjust to their life in the UK.

the red cross tent example

In this particular story they have been taken to the centre of Belfast, where they are getting support in being introduced to the culture and customs of their new home. Of course they will also be provided the needed paperwork and the families will find the support they need for their children.

Also provided is first aid and psychological and emotional support for those in need of it. Arriving from a country of conflict is not easy, and it’s important that the families can find their needs fulfilled to be able to start living a completely new culture and place to their home. We are proud to be supporters of this wonderful organisation, and should you wish to know more about the organisation, visit their web page or one of their many outlets around the country. And don’t forget to keep in tune for more wonderful news.

A vast and international aid effort by a great humanitarian organisation

international aid for nepalWe speak a lot about what is done here at home in the UK, and that’s simply due to the fact that there is much to report on from a great group of people who volunteer, send their time, their energy and their compassion in to the world.

Beyond national borders there are just as large a flurry of activity, within the network aid workers mobilize around the globe to help in situations of human suffering, and the UK team is down in the middle, involved with as many as 23 current international locations.

To think that in today’s world, one which we would consider developed, technological and scientific, there is suffering in a massive scale occurs continuously. In fast moving times where the world is available at the press of a button we are diminishing our own capability for compassion. Something which has lead countries to close boarders.

And at times this is not with the approval of the citizens, but more as a defence mechanism which is there to protect ones wealth and keep a good standing in the world of current affairs.

In times such as these we need the heroes of life, many of which operate within a humanitarian charity organisation which are of neutral standing, without destructive and relentless religious condition worth killing for or a countries political and economic balance to maintain, in which someone else has to lose.

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