To honour the first responders in local communities

Fire and Ice is the name given to the annual fundraiser set up in the US to honour the first responders in local crisis situations. This year it took place on the 15th of February, and is likely to occur around the same time next year. The aims of this event is to raise awareness as well as funds for the local families who have been the victim of fire at home, as well as the families who have experienced a death in the family. This fundraiser is also something which aims to keep good energy and positive attitude, which is why you can expect a great show.

Last year the renowned Duelling Pianos International presented a fabulous show, including great performance, sing and clap along and the presence of many talented great entertainers. We are sure to see the same high calibre next year of this wonderful initiative, and if you are wanting to attend, you can get tickets on the official website. There are also rumours stating that there will be a return of the every so popular bartender and fire fighter contest, and there will be more things up for auction in the name of aiding the collection of funds.

For us here, this is just another example of the things which happen inside and under the umbrella of this magnificent humanitarian organisation. And similar events can be found across the US and across Europe to ensure that this ever so important body of great humanitarian values can carry on their work, as well as celebrate the great efforts and success which those involved have achieved.

red cross fire and ice event don't forget the tickets

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