Why donate to the British Red Cross

There are of course countless reasons to why the Red Cross movement is a good candidate if you are planning to give to some form of charity. Of course there are many out there doing good work, but for us here, we simply see the work of the British Red Cross as vital, and something which will provide safety and help both locally, nationally and overseas for those who need it. We strongly believe that now is the time to work for global safety as the world is changing at a more rapid pace than we have view of in our day to day lives. The Red Cross is operated only by volunteers, and is a very strongly organised body, which works not only on the issues we are facing currently, but also provides readiness to ensure that should the worst case scenario occur, they are there and ready to help.

In the UK assistance which is already in place are help for elderly in flooded areas, help to prevent further flooding, assistance for asylum seekers and much more. Nationally awareness of many important humanitarian issues are promoted, and in the global activities are countless number of situations which have been helped by this organisation.

For us, the choice of donating to the Red Cross is obvious, as supporters of their work we agree with their humanitarian principals and neutrality.

If you have further questions on what happens with your money, or if you would like to donate, or volunteer, please visit their official UK website, or go visit your local charity shop for more information.

the red cross if you wish to donate

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