Who are the Red Cross?

The Red Cross is an international help organisation, as well as a national, and local aid provider. Without loyalty to anything but humanity, it’s neutral and there to aid in times of crises, regardless of scale. Overseas, the Red Cross handles and helps during times of crisis, and can respond in case of global emergency within a 24 hour scope. This is of course especially important in current times with many natural disasters occurring.

Red Cross who they are

The Red Cross exists in many countries across the globe, and is a voluntary movement which operates across all ranges and scales. The organisations operate both on national, international and local scale, and for example in the UK there is aid response for flooding as well as aid for situations and persons considered vulnerable or at the mercy of things out of their control.

Something also common to the different Red Cross organisations active around the globe, is the blood transfusion service and campaign which is continuously working to ensure that it’s easy to give blood. This is not the case in the UK, as there are regulations restricting what can be done, however there are many projects supporting the idea, and promoting the importance of donating blood for cases of emergencies. This is now also especially important as there is a constant shortage of this valuable resource in hospitals and medical institutions around the country and the globe.
If you would like to know more about this amazing organisation or if you would like to get involved and do your part for humanity, it’s easy to find out how. Just visit one of the many outlets or speak to a Red Cross representative when you next encounter one.

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