Running for Aid

running in red for a great causeAs always we would like to bring you some information and news with regards to a charitable organisation which for us commands the greatest level of respect. Without side taking and without prejudice, this wonderful organisation will always come to aid those who are in need.

There are several accounts of human crises every year, and without this organisation the suffering would be on much more massive levels than they are. Here we would like to plea for your aid as well if you are a runner.

There are a vast number of ways in which you can take part in what we would call the greatest charitable organisation on the planet. At home in the UK there are many sport events which promote charities and raise money for their great causes. And if you are one who likes to put the miles behind you, why not make it count at this year’s Edenborough marathon. If you get in touch with one of your local red cross outlets, you will be able to find out more. This is a wonderful way to raise money for charity, and if you choose to run for our favourite organisation you will also get the benefit of training plans, dietary advice and a lovely representative vest to take on the race in. A fund raiser pack which will help you with some tips and tricks to ensure that those around you also support your cause will of course also be received.

Get involved

With a global organisation the opportunities to volunteer with the Red Cross movement is of course there, and no matter what area you are interested way a helping hand is always welcomed. We are not officially part of the Red Cross movement, we just help in promoting the good work that they do, and we know that many of the volunteer opportunities available, come with some form of commitment, however they also come with the benefit of the experience. And with the Red Cross you will be able to for example get a recognized first aid qualification, which will help you as a person as well in both your working career as well as ensure that you are more prepared should an accident occur in your proximity.

Of course there are different levels of involvement you can take, local charity shop work, fund raising, or international aid and active aid nationally and over-seas are just a couple of examples of things which can be done. If you have medical training, or is educated in another area, what you can do is of course also expanded, if you get in touch with your local Red Cross office you will have a better idea of what is available to do for you, both near and far. Persons with knowledge in administration, languages, project managing and much more are always sought after, and if you have these skills the opportunities for you to help and volunteer are there. Regardless of what your talent is, there is something which needs doing, so there is no reason to wait, get in touch with your local Red Cross office today and see what there is for you to get involved with.

red cross get involved

The Red cross, a great manifestation of human intention

red cross humanitarian
Of course the morality of man can be questioned, and of course all the worst evils we can imagine already exists in the world today, as created by us. But all the same, the opposite also holds true. For the team here, who are dedicated to bring you good news of the best side of humanity, brings you the latest news of the biggest humanitarian global network existing today. For us, simplicity describes it best, and the Red Cross and the Red Crescent societies, which we support greatly, are a great example of the most beautiful side to humanity.

A manifestation of human intention where the light of each individual is valued, and the respect for sacred quality of life.
With compassion and love, shown in every effort, and each volunteers actions, it’s easy to again see hope to the future. The globe is under great threat, and natural disasters are on the rise. Issues as global warming, pollution, the use of diminishing resources and much more is showing as the composition of the earth’s surface is shifting to restore balance.

With more disasters projected, now is the time to take action. If you have ever thought about doing or getting involved with something of the greater good, action always speaks louder than words. If you get in touch with your local branch you will be able to join the force in this time of need, finding an opportunity which suits both your vocation and your life situation.

A volunteer in line for recognition and celebration

volunteering is best done with a great humanitarian organisation such as the red cross or the red crescentOf course the Red Cross organisation, one that we greatly support, and keep our site and press work up and running for is one that has many workers. One of the most honourable things about their work and the vast mass of individuals performing this ever needed help, are doing so completely out of their free will and good hearts to help.

The Red Cross is a non profit organisation for the aid of those in need, here at home in the UK as well as abroad. There is of course a world wide aid service which is on standby and ready to be called out should any disaster of great proportion occur. For us here, it’s great honour to be able to do our part by helping to get the word for their good work out. Today we would like to bring forward one of the celebrated volunteers in the British Red Cross, the one we give our greatest gratitude and hold great reverence for is Joseph Wood, who has been hard at work for a total of 58 years.

Having been involved with everything from first aid training to leading emergency response units and supporting a wide row of services which the great organisation provides, he is one we gladly take our hats for and see as a great example and a great role model for anyone who would like to get involved. The Red Cross is a humanitarian organisation who keeps ideals which are of no national, social or religious kind, but neutral and on the basis of human rights. If you like us are inspired by this persons great efforts, and if you are interested to become a volunteer there are many opportunities available within the organisation and we suggest that you get in touch with the office local to you to seek advice on your own Red Cross path.

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