A mothers campaign to inform about Febrile Seizures

Rocco, an energetic and active little boy died from a febrile seizures, and currently his mother is driving a brave and active campaign to inform parents.

Only about five percent of children who experience seizures of the sort end up in hospital, however ensuring that the symptoms are known and that the appropriate action required is also known is important to be able to prevent tragedies such as the one which happened to Rocco.

A Febrile seizure is caused by fever, the baby may arch their back and stiffen their body and have a fever. In the case of this happening, there is no cause to panic, just ensure that there is enough space for the baby to move, and ensure that you protect the baby from accident and injury. Do not restrain them, just keep a close eye on them. Remove outer layers of clothing if they are under cover, and ensure that they are not to warm. When the seizure is over, assist them to a resting position to the side with their head slightly tilted back ensuring free air ways. If there are several occurrences of this, ensure that you seek medical advice quickly.

red cross baby feet
In the case of Rocco, he died from choking on his own vomit, not from the seizure itself, the parents did not hear it though the baby monitor. Currently his mother has spoken to hundreds of parents with similar experiences, and found the support and strength to carry out her campaign of awareness to Febrile Seizures and the importance of knowing first aid, especially for infants should you be a parent.

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Renew your view

It’s easy today to simply get used to the bad news we are continuously bombarded with. It’s fairly obvious that the majority of the things which we meet in our day to day lives though the news are in the majority negative. It’s easy to turn a blind eye to the many issues that we face in the world today, simply as most people are facing issues on the personal level. However, consider this, if you are able to take a step back, gain some distance from the self, and take a larger perspective, it may help you, as an individual.


renew your view

For the team here, and we have had our struggles as well, something which remains a resonant lesson is the importance of framing. How one looks at any given scenario, and in times when we are stuck in our own situation and troubles, taking the perspective of a fellow human might actually help. Rather than staring oneself blind at the problem at hand, go and help someone with their issue. Firstly it’s much easier to help people as an outside and more objective view is taken much easier, and secondly, in doing so you will gain a new frame for your current way of looking also at your own issues. It gives you a different perspective, and it’s only in action where this can really occur. It is one thing to think about how hard it would be to be sleeping rough in the UK today, and another to go and meet someone, help someone who is actually living this scenario.

If you need some assistance in finding a good cause worth some of your time, why not get in touch with your local branch of the Red Cross, they are always searching for volunteers, and you can fit your commitment around what your skillset is and what you are interested in. We are happy to support this wonderful organisation with their work though bringing you news about their great efforts and achievements.

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