Services and disaster relief

The disaster relief which the Red Cross movement provides across the globe is something that we find astonishing. And as supporters of humanitarian ideals, we also aim to help spread the news of the good work conducted. Providing relief and aid in times of global crisis is a wide, varied and challenging tasks, and ensuring that basic human needs are covered can require great effort and organisation. Something that the Red Cross movement and the dedicated individuals involved with the organisation manage on a large scale, still keeping in line with their core principles.

the red cross disaster service

Thing included in the global aid response are:
Ensuring there is drinking water and food for people in need during a crisis. In many places Red Cross vehicles can reach the effected area of crisis and distribute what is required via them to the people. In cases where homes have been destroyed, or are unreachable the Red Cross movement set up shelter for those in need.
Relief items and first aid is of course also provided by the Red Cross, and the emergency responders have undergone approved first aid training and been educated in the procedures of disaster relief. In many cases the Red Cross movement also set up medical centres, where volunteers including many with high medical training attend and help those with injury or illness.
Keeping in mind that none of the aid provided by the Red Cross and red crescent movement comes at cost, we would like to bring light to the fact that the organisation is solely funded by donations and the work, energy and good will of the volunteers.

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