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Many people are aware that the organisation exists but how many people actually know very much about the good work that they carry out on a regular basis? It is for this reason that we are keen to discuss. It is also worth noting that it is not only within your own country might be operating. There is a vast amount of international work that is carried out and this is surely fantastic work that as many people as possible understand and appreciate. People from all walks of life, from, teachers, store workers and students try to be involved.

The Red Cross History

We would like to tell you some about the rich history of aid the red cross has been providing specifically here in the UK. There was a group of volunteers who were assigned to educating other volunteers in first aid. These educators were simply know as VAD during the war in 1909. It was an issued scheme for voluntary aid for people to be able to help where they could. Within this scheme, the British Red Cross was given the role to be able to provide supplementary first aid to the medical services in case of a conflict and war situation. The branches around the country of the Red Cross organised these units of educators who were trained in nursing and emergency first aid. After the first year of running the project over 6000 had been trained and educated in how to be able to provide first aid. When the war broke out in 1914, those who were trained were used in action together with St Johns of Jerusalem, another body at the time who were also empowered to raise voluntary aid in this time, they were able to help many during the first world war.

Gift Aid

Why not make your donation more valuable. We would like to take a moment to let you know about the good idea of gift aid, if you are interested in making donations to this great humanitarian organisation. Described by many as the easiest and simplest way to give to a charity, gift aid is good in all directions. This scheme was set in pace by HMRC, and it basically means that for any donations which are made to the organisation this way, The Red Cross can reclaim the basic tax rate which all income takers pay on their salary. So rather than paying tax on your income, then giving to charity, you can use this scheme to make bigger donations. In actual numbers it means that for every pound you give to The Red Cross, they are able to reclaim 25 pence of the income tax, making your effective donation 1 pound and 25 pence. This has no implication on your own income or the tax you pay. Thanks to Locksmiths of Clapham for ensuring Gift Aid on all of their donations.  It’s a simple scheme to sign up for and all that is required is that you give your consent for the tax to be reclaimed on a one off declaration. So why not give more when it’s so easy, and makes such a big difference to the work done.

Always on alert locally

We want to share something that the Red Cross is working on now, that shows how active this organisation is, locally as well. In our attempt to educate and make as many people as possible of the good work this organisation does. In June Gainsborough was hit by very heavy rain causing flooding all across the area. One area containing 42 homes got hit extremely hard and the Red Cross were assisting and helping the residents from these homes and other properties.

Many thanks to the sponsor Locksmiths Bristol for being the supporter of this website to help promote educational causes of any nature. This project hopes to discuss all aspects of the Red Cross.

Experts say that even if the water drained fairly quickly, flash floods like this can still cause a considerate amount of damage and danger. The residents helped in this situation were given information on how to proceed with different situations and given emotional support during these difficult times. The volunteers working for this wonderful organisation within our country borders are on standby and ready to help should any situation require it. So in light of the good work that is done locally, aid that is given to those who need it we recommend getting involved with the Red Cross. An organisation that does not distinguish one person from the other, they work under strictly humanitarian principals to be able to help as many as possible. There are many ways in which you can get involved, so lend a hand today!

Giving you some info on The British Red Cross

The British Red Cross is a volunteer based organisation who we would like to help inform and educate you about. This organisation is a humanitarian organisation, and they do much of their work in helping those in severe and dire needs. As an organisation with a neutral status they are able to help when disaster hits. They work both locally at home, and of course bring their skill and knowledge, as well as their work and their efforts to a global scale. As you know, we’ve heard about many natural catastrophes lately, or political conflicts where The British Red Cross have been there and help, both directly and indirectly. The Red Cross, operates in many countries, and the global organisation is always on call to be able to provide support directly, as it’s always needed most urgently directly when disaster or directly after disaster has hit. With a 24h response time to any site on the planet, they can be there to give emergency support, for any one in need.

Another great effort in the name of humanitarian ideals

Just to bring you another good story of what the British Red Cross is involved with doing, one which will warm the heart of many football fans, and perhaps also jog the interest of those who are collectors of items.

red cross and help from a known footballer

You may have heard about someone called Steven Gerrard, spending most of his time as the captain of the Liverpool team he has become a legend, and what collector would not what the chance at the shoes of him. Signed and ready to be handed over to the highest bidder. All profits of course go to charity. With a message inside reading “you leave a legend, you return a hero”. The shoes are in the iconic red and white coloures of the team.

There are only 17 pairs of these specific Adidas boots in the world, and none has ever been for sale before.

The reason for Gerrards donation is to collect money for the refugees, more specifically it’s for the Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal, and part of the slogan used is “With love from Liverpool”. This appeal has raised thousands of pounds to help those in refugee situations, and of course you can do your part as well even if you are not wanting to bid on some football legeneds old shoes.

The Red Cross in need of your support

A Red Cross worker wraps boxes with aid for Haiti in the patio of Mexico’s Red Cross in Mexico CityOf course we’ve made it our mission to try and make people aware and educate the general population to the good the red cross movement does, but also to how they operate, and why they need support. With being a non-profit organisation, the Red Cross movement are reliant on people to help people. They are only the organisers, the planners of action, and no matter the action, whether it’s a small action of kindness or economical assistance for those in need. It is an actual need. In order to keep on alert, early investment is needed, the unexpected disasters does not strike keeping our current global economic system in mind, and being able to provide support instantly is one of the major reasons the Red Cross is reliant on the donations of those who give, and can give.

The Work

We want to bring to light the work of The Red Cross, as although they are a known association, many seem to know very little about the work that they actually do. They are involved with aid situations both local and global, as well as helping both in emergency and crisis, such as natural disasters. As well as the aftermath of such natural disasters, in the rebuilding and restoration.

The British Red Cross are part of a global help and aid network, as well as being part of the local aid network, and the country wide one. The humanitarian organisation is there to help anyone in need. No matter who or when this aid is needed. The Red Cross is ready, and in a position to be able to help. Their work in the cases of natural disasters involve things like helping those directly affected first with their emergency call out. After a disaster has hit, The Red Cross aids in providing rations and health care, as well as aiding people in finding friends and family.

Another important part that we would like to inform you about is case of conflict, providing refugee support and support for all victims of conflict. Although we would like to see a world without conflict of course, we are still not yet there. We want to educate to the value of having a completely neutral humanitarian organisation, they can often aid in places, and countries that are often closed due to the conflict which is occurring, without this many would be left in suffering.

Helping to Create

As mentioned they also provide aid locally, in education in first aid, for anyone interested. It doesn’t take much to be part of this organisation, as a volunteer or just a donor. But the work they do is something we will continue to support, and hope that we can bring some more insight to what they actually do. Their work as one of the largest humanitarian neutral aid organisations reaches all corners of the world, and we need to be aware of what is happening, what they are doing. In order to highlight their importance on our planet today. People from all walks of life and all types of business like plumber Bristol and many others get involved to try and support the good causes and work being carried out.

Much important work is carried out and often in areas that people are unaware of. This is often work that people should know about as many projects need the help of other people and the community in general.

Many people from all walks of life have been lucky enough to have been helped by the Red Cross and are thankful for the great work they do and the amazing effort of so many volunteers and helpers that are making a real effort to help others. ” There a great organization and there are a million reasons why you would want to help. When you look at some of the great work going on at home and abroad then you start to realise what a great set of guys they are and want to do everything you can to help with any of the work they are involved in. If you’re like me working and you don’t really have the time to give then you’ll probably do like me and try to support some of their projects so that they can carry on and fund some of the great stuff they’re doing. I support a few different charities and like to devote a certain amount of my income to charitable causes. I believe this is what many people do and many more would like to do. Even when back in the day I used to work for Plumbers Manchester I used to try and get involved whenever I could. My sister used to also donate regularly for the same reasons. I think it is a personal choice but one you can really feel happy with because you know you are doing something good. The important thing is to be able to choose the best charities that are really doing the work on the ground. That is why I am such a keen supporter, it all makes sense really I have been lucky enough in the past and that is why I wanted to help with one of their causes.”


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