This is a website thatĀ  has been created to educate people about the work of the Red Cross. Many people are aware that the organisation exists but how many people actually know very much about the good work that they carry out on a regular basis? It is for this reason that we are keen to discuss. It is also worth noting that it is not only within your own country might be operating. There is a vast amount of international work that is carried out and this is surely fantastic work that as many people as possible understand and appreciate. People from all walks of life, from, teachers, store workers and students try to be involved.

Educational articles from the Red Cross

red cross educationHere as we are trying to support the fantastic global network of Red Cross and Red Crescent network, we try to do our best in order to get information out on what they Red Cross does, and why it’s such a good organisation to support in any way that you can. With humanitarian values, and a neutral status, it is the biggest global network of aid we have.

The Red Cross does not only provide aid however they are run campaigns to educate people, and on their website you can find many interesting articles which can be helpful to you. One very recent example which is for instance providing information on the Ebola virus, information about how it works, and hopefully removing some irrational fears, and placing some important factors more into focus.

A Red Cross UK untold story

Ebrahim-over-under-sideways-down-karrie-fransman-refugee-comic-red-cross-header1-627x356A young teenager arrived to the UK, seeking refuge from conflict in his own home country. His name is Ebrahim, and in a new comic book he tells his story, the story in which he had to cope with the loss of his identity papers, being held in custody as well as dealing with the complex bureaucracy whist he had the overhanging threat of being departed back to a land of instability.

It may sound harsh, but it’s not only a sad and eye opening story, it also involves how he found friendship and how after his own experiences he volunteered in order to help other young migrants some who are not only facing all these things, but are also faced with being alone in a new country, a foreign language and away from family and friends. It’s a wonderful and educational story in many ways even if it deals with many issues in the current system, and reminds us to small things, say perhaps the road of over complicated paperwork has gone too far when the person is no longer a person without the right ID documents.

The Red Cross is a place for real heroes

Here at our education page telling you about the past and present good deeds of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent movement. Today we would like to share with you some of our own thoughts on to why we think the Red Cross movement is one which both needs and should be in the news more often. It’s true that from a charity point of perspective the Red Cross get’s quite a lot of news coverage. However, relative to the work they actually perform, what they stand for and their values, they are should be mentioned more often in our perspective. The Red Cross and Red Crescent movement have helped countless of people in need of help, both in emergency and catastrophe scenarios, as well as in scenarios where individuals need help to get back on their feet after smaller accidents such as a fire and likewise.

So for us here at our educational centre about the Red Cross, we see only good reasons for anyone who may read this to support the Red Cross. Due to the nature of the organisation it’s of course a non profit organisation, a network in place to be able to help those around the globe when needed, both near and far. The response time of the Red Cross in case of a catastrophe scenario where aid is required immediately, the organisation due to its strong connections and dedicated workers can be in place directly when help is needed. The Red Cross network is a global one, and there with a neutral status, meaning that in conflicts where any type of aid carrying a flag is not possible. The workers from the Red Cross can gain sanctuary and help those in need.

So for us here, the heroes are not the super heroes in films or fantasy, but those in reality, who are there to help the people in the real world. And you can be part of this as well, at any level of involvement that suits you. You can do anything from help locally, to nationally as well as globally. So if you are searching for a way to help people, and if you are a person of humanity rather than a specific nation, the Red Cross will be able to provide you with opportunity to help those in need.

About the American Red Cross

A thing which we would like to give some information on here at our educational website with regards to the work of the Red Cross which may not be generally or widely known. We are not affiliated with the Red Cross in any other way than of course being great supporters of this humanitarian organisation that works people, all people in need of aid and assistance.

In our attempts to spread awareness we would like to inform you on the American Red Cross’s service towards veterans both in and after service. For instance, the American Red Cross has great involvement, and are helping those who are separated from their families during the holiday season. Their campaign is called the American Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes, and it helps empower the general public to help by sending a post card of thanks to veterans and their families.

The Red Cross, always ready!

red cross nurses readyHere we would like to give you some information on some of the things which you may not have heard about the Red Cross and the Red Crescent. One of the biggest things about the Red Cross, outside of being a humanitarian, non profit organisation, is that the network this organisation carries enables them to be on alert at all times. This is so that they can respond quickly to any catastrophe where aid for those in need must be put in place.

One thing that we here at what we call an educational website to spread knowledge on the Red Cross, which is most commonly not seen in the media of the every day. One of the little facts about the Red Cross which you may not be aware of is that they respond to some sort of disaster in Hawaii as often as every four days. There are other occasions where a response is needed other than the hurricanes which seems to be the most common first association.

Some facts you may not have know about the Red Cross

red cross disaster reliefHere at our little educational station about the Red Cross, we would like to share some information which is not overly common and rarely hit the mainstream media. We are not a part of the Red Cross other than in that we are big supporters of both their work, their values and their progressive way of doing things. If you didn’t know, the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement is the biggest humanitarian organisational network on the globe which works purely for the aid of people.

Another thing is that although much work and resource is placed in the disaster response, there is also big efforts in the area of education, awareness and preparation in communities as well as care for these communities. Lastly, just over half of the disasters which there was a response within the organisation from, were in relation to weather and natural catastrophes, and just to give you an example, in 2008 there were 623 disasters in which the Red Cross or Crescent gave immediate response to.

An American Red Cross Story

the american red cross help with fireWe ran into another untold story by a woman in the USA which we would like to share with you in order to better educate the public to the good work of this humanitarian organisation. A woman by the name of Donna was in an unfortunate situation in the middle of the night. And states when asked that she never thought the Red Cross would come. The Neigbour of Donna had called the Red Cross as Donna herself had a fire in her kitchen. Luckily in the case no one was hurt, and the fire was confined to the kitchen. The reason for the outbreak in the first place was later shown to be from an electrical outlet gone wrong.

Either way, the part that we here would like to inform you of is that the American Red Cross came to Donnas aid, in the middle of the night against Donnas own hopes. They helped with finding temporary accommodation whist their home was fixed and they were ready to move in. Donna was also thankful for the money they aided with for food and caring for her and her family.

2 Fun facts about the Red Cross

redcross-flagAs we are trying to educate the general public to the things which The British Red Cross and The Red Crescent are doing, in our own attempt to raise awareness and help the organisation gain followers. Of course we simply due this as we are big supporters ourselves of this humanitarian, non profit organisation for emergency aid in crisis situations.

The first fun fact, is that during the second world war with all the food parcels that were sent, artificial limbs to a wing commander in need. On top of that a rough estimate of 14 000 musical instruments were shipped, meaning around 100 assembled orchestras could play in 100 different camps.

For the appeal that went out from the Red Cross for raising food for Pakistan, Stephen Fry reached around 2.5 million people thought his twitter channel, showing the usefulness of the platform, especially at a time where haste must be made.

First Aid for pets

cute dog red cross pet first aidFor many who keep pets, especially ones of the mammal kind, they become more of a family member than just a pet. With character, emotions and a reactive being we care for them as they care for us. If you are a loving pet owner, you may be interested to know that The British Red Cross also help educate us in first aid for pets. We are not sure if there are any physical courses to take yet however they are giving tips and basic guidelines on how to prepare should you ever need to provide emergency first aid for your pet.

The information they give ranges from the most common dog sizes standard heart rate, however of course they recommend that you speak to your local veterinarian to get better understanding of how to handle an emergency situation where your pet has acquired an injury of some sort.

Their most valuable tip is to always handle your pet with care should they be in a trauma scenario, and it’s important to remember that any animal in distress can bite or may even need to be restrained.

Congratulations! Australian Red Cross just turned 100 years of age!

australian Red Cross Betty Meek,As you may know, we are trying to educate the Internet community to the good work of the humanitarian organisation and global network of providing aid, and today, we want to give our best wishes and congratulations to the Australian Red Cross movement, as they have just turned 100 years old. This means that they have been in activity and helped people for a century down under, and we wish them all the best.

The big birthday of the Australian Red Cross was in August this year, and with the organisation, there are also many people celebrating their own involvement for near that time. One member of the Australian red cross, Betty Meek, has been a volunteer for the organisation for 77 years and with continuous involvement she knows more about the history of the Australian Red Cross than most.

Here we like to offer our support by saying congratulations, as well as sending out a big thank you to all the volunteers like Betty, who worked tirelessly for the sake of aiding those in need. We hope you see another 100 years!

Out of the limelight needs fulfilled by the Red Cross

Red Cross efforts in debris cleanupWhen it comes to the things which we are presented with in media covering stories of the involvement of this great humanitarian organisation which we aim to provide some information on here on our educating website, some things are gracefully left out of the limelight. We speak of course of disposal, and the work money given by the Red Cross reaches far beyond placing up shelters and providing water, and also includes that of hygienic disposal of human waste. This are efforts and costs which are not often spoken of, and due to that simple fact they are often kept out of mind as well. Of course everyone knows and understands that this is needed, all we want to do here is remind to the fact of the huge efforts and the resources dedicated to help those in need, with all that is needed.

The waste disposal goes far beyond providing portable facilities for the victims, but in the case of disaster, there is often tons of debris which needs to be moved away so that re-construction can start. The Red Cross are there to aid and provide financial support for communities here as well.

The British Red Cross and flooding in the UK

red cross flood risk ukSurvey says that around 5 million people in the UK live in an area which faces a high risk of floods very year. Isn’t it strange then to think that most people don’t know about organisation who provide help and assistance should help ever be needed. Here we want to again turn our view to the Red Cross, and the work they do which people seem unaware of. With each encounter with this humanitarian organisation we here, are more and more amazed by their amazing achievements, and desperate to show the world what they do.

The British Red Cross will be of assistance in any type of flooding emergency within the risk areas of course. They don’t only provide practical support and aid, but also guidance for the victims in these cases to help them gather themselves, their thoughts and their lives after something of such magnitude has occurred. So hat’s off, once again, to this great organisation for its practical work here on UK soil!

Helping create masks for soldiers who were disfigured during the first world war

red cross masksAnother venture from the history books in the activities of the Red Cross. In our continuous endeavor to educate people in the activities of the Red Cross we would like to go back in time again. There are so many things which this organisation has done, simply due to it having been in active existence for so long, most of which is never heard or spoken about.

So we would like to let you know about this project which spawned during the first world war in the United States of America. It started with a sculptor called Anna Ladd, who began to create realistic portrait masks for soldiers who returned from battle with injuries that had caused heavy disfiguring of their face and appearance. Anna had funding from the Red Cross to make these custom pieces, which required much work and a high level of fine arts skill to create. We have to remember that this is a century ago, and technologies which are available today were not then. With many thank you letters and notes from the soldiers themselves, for all the work that the Red Cross had enabled Anna to do, these men were ready to go home and start their lives up again.

A good event organised by the Red Cross movement.

RedCRossFunRunJust wanted to tell you a little further away story in the Red Cross movement, to show the range of their activities, and the good will of the people involved in these type of events.

At the Coyote Point Park, close to Highway 101 in San Mateo, there is a little high school by the name of Aragon High School, and within it resides the Red Cross Club. This club ran by the students there are organising what they call “The Fun Run”. Of course it’s an event to also raise awareness, and collect for the humanitarian aid organisation, and everyone is invited, and everyone is welcome. If you are not a runner you can always jog or walk, or cartwheel for that matter should you be looking for more a more challenging task. Of course here at this run there will be a BBQ after together with the opportunity to learn more about the organisation.

Family events like this, and positive events for raising awareness is something that is close to us here, as we have the same purpose of trying to educate the word to the work of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent movement.

One of the many efforts made a decade ago this year!

red cross sumatra tsunamiWe wanted to take some information out of the past to show you just another great example of how this humanitarian organisation continually and work for the people who reside on this planet. We now step 10 years back in time to 2004, when an earthquake hitting a devastating 9 on the Richter scale hit just off the west coast of Sumatra. Maybe your remember in the midst of all the natural catastrophes, as the tidal wave triggered was 30 feet high, and drove its way across the coastal villages. The tsunami harvested close to a quarter of a million lives spread over 11 countries.

In this the international Red Cross and Red Crescent movement mobilised literally thousands of volunteers, and transported resources and personnel where needed. It was a massive aid operation, and as mentioned so often, the amount of human suffering which were avoided due to these tremendous efforts cannot be measured. So we urge you to support this humanitarian non profit organisation.

Another current situation where the Red Cross provides aid

As a site dedicated to the education of the general public on what the Red Cross actually does, and what type of influence this humanitarian, non profit, all volunteer based organisation has. And lastly why it’s so important to make people aware of what is going on outside of the limelight. So giving you a quick update to one of the many projects the Red Cross is involved with.

red cross ebolaCurrently in West Africa, including countries like Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria there is a widely spread epidemic of the Ebola virus. More than 1200 people has been estimated to have fallen victim to the spread of this disease. One issue that the inhabitants are faced with is that they are unaware of themselves as carrying the virus. And as bodies remain contagious after death, many contract it whist making the grave of their loved ones.
There are over 1800 trained volunteers working in this area from the Red Cross, helping in educating the local communities on how the this, and many other diseases spread. It’s not possible to tangibly estimate how many lives have been saved and will be saved due to this continuous and important work of health education. So if you have the possibility, lend a hand to the Red Cross.

Limited funds for asylum seekers leaving them in poverty

It’s hard to believe, but something some of the aid that the British Red Cross supplies is here on UK grounds, for those living in poverty on UK soil. This is something we here want to help educate the general public towards!

Red Cross poverty in the ukOne story covered shows that since 2011, the rates for asylum seekers to live on has been frozen at 36 pounds per week. This means that there are countless asylum seekers living in poverty in the UK. The Home Office states that a mare 3 pounds per week is enough to cover travel costs, and a 2 pounds and 50 pennies per week should be enough to cover clothing and shoes. Many of the asylum seekers living under these conditions have come to the Red Cross the past four years, for aid, to help them survive on a poverty line budget.

Did you know?!

That the Red Cross was a big driver and provided much support for a massive information gathering campaign for civilians who had been displaced and made prisoners of war in the beginning of the 20th century.

In our mission to educate you about the Red Cross, as objective supporter of their good work, we thought we’d give you some information which is not so commonly known.

red cross displaced civiliansSo in 1907, when Presiden Ador put an international agency in place to care for situations in relation to prisoners of war with 9 members. When the first project arrived, 29 names of war prisoners, they soon saw that since the nature of the warfare had changed, and there were many displaced civilians who also needed locating. When word got out about these efforts, at the end they were receiving 3000 new inquiries from families every day. Resulting that many of the first volunteers were travelers who had been stranded in Geneva by the fating, eventually there were 1200 volunteer workers helping families look for their loved ones. Thanks to Everyday Plumbers Bristol for their supprt of this website project.

The British Red Cross was involved in blood donation process

red cross blood donationsBlood transfusions from when it first started in common use around 1948, until today has saved, or helped save countless lives in hospitals across the UK. As we here are trying to educate the general public to some of what The Red Cross is, and has been involved with, we thought this is worth a mention.

Between this time, 1948, up to 1987 the Red Cross was involved in the process of collecting blood to be carried to hospitals then prepared to be used there to aid others in case of emergency. Meaning that for a period which is close to 4 decades long The Red Cross had a strong supporting role in the currently existing blood transfusion service. Today they are no longer involved in the process, however should donating blood be something you wish to do, you can get in touch with the National Blood Service who will provide you with information in how to do that.

Red Cross and Fashion

red cross vintage fashionIf you are a fan fashion and have an interest in vintage clothes we have some information which may be of use to you. As we are informing the public to as many aspects as possible of this organisation we would also like to let you know that the Red Cross shops often stock specialist vintage fashion, where in stock they have designer clothes and accessories. This is with big labels such as Vivienne Westwood, Smythson and Nicole Farhi, all at extreme bargain prices, and all original and the majority of the times in mint condition. Of course what is available in any shop at any time has much to do with circumstances, however if this is something you would like to check out, get in touch with your local shop and find out what they stock. You never know, you may find the bargain of a lifetime, and at the same time support a very worthy and humanitarian cause. We here at the education station have a big interest in this type of fusion, as well as are big supporters of recycling and reusing things already made.

Clearing out some misunderstandings and misconceptions

red cross education asylum seekerThe world is in conflict, and there are many scenarios where wars waged has the greatest impact on the innocent citizens and civilians. As a supporter to the British Red Cross, we would like to give some information which may clear up some misconceptions that are common with regards to refugees and asylum seekers.
An asylum seeker is someone who is feeling their home land. Once they arrive they have to submit an asylum application, and they have legal right to stay in the country until a decision on their case has been made. If the case is turned down, the refused asylum seeker will be told to leave the country, as they have failed to prove that they would be face persecution upon their return to their country.
A refuge is someone who cannot return to their home country without great risk, as conditions are often unlivable and very dangerous. In these cases we cannot forget our own humanity.
The last type of immigrant is the economic migrant, who has moved to another country to work and live, often due to economic climate in their own country. This too has to be done in a legal way, and if the country which they are from is not in the EU a work permit is needed. When trying to find work in the construction trades or any other job it can be difficult.

VAD the Red Cross History

vad red crossWe would like to tell you some about the rich history of aid the red cross has been providing specifically here in the UK. There was a group of volunteers who were assigned to educating other volunteers in first aid. These educators were simply know as VAD during the war in 1909. It was an issued scheme for voluntary aid for people to be able to help where they could. Within this scheme, the British Red Cross was given the role to be able to provide supplementary first aid to the medical services in case of a conflict and war situation. The branches around the country of the Red Cross organised these units of educators who were trained in nursing and emergency first aid. After the first year of running the project over 6000 had been trained and educated in how to be able to provide first aid. When the war broke out in 1914, those who were trained were used in action together with St Johns of Jerusalem, another body at the time who were also empowered to raise voluntary aid in this time, they were able to help many during the first world war.

Gift Aid

red cross gift aid itWe would like to take a moment to let you know about the good idea of gift aid, if you are interested in making donations to this great humanitarian organisation. Described by many as the easiest and simplest way to give to a charity, gift aid is good in all directions. This scheme was set in pace by HMRC, and it basically means that for any donations which are made to the organisation this way, The Red Cross can reclaim the basic tax rate which all income takers pay on their salary. So rather than paying tax on your income, then giving to charity, you can use this scheme to make bigger donations. In actual numbers it means that for every pound you give to The Red Cross, they are able to reclaim 25 pence of the income tax, making your effective donation 1 pound and 25 pence. This has no implication on your own income or the tax you pay. It’s a simple scheme to sign up for and all that is required is that you give your consent for the tax to be reclaimed on a one off declaration. So why not give more when it’s so easy, and makes such a big difference to the work done.

The Red Cross in need of your support

A Red Cross worker wraps boxes with aid for Haiti in the patio of Mexico's Red Cross in Mexico CityOf course we’ve made it our mission to try and make people aware and educate the general population to the good the red cross movement does, but also to how they operate, and why they need support. With being a non-profit organisation, the Red Cross movement are reliant on people to help people. They are only the organisers, the planners of action, and no matter the action, whether it’s a small action of kindness or economical assistance for those in need, it is an actual need. In order to keep on alert, early investment is needed, the unexpected disasters does not strike keeping our current global economic system in mind, and being able to provide support instantly is one of the major reasons the Red Cross is reliant on the donations of those who give, and can give.

Always on alert locally

A flood warning signWe would want to share something that the Red Cross is working on now, that shows how active this organisation is, locally as well. In our attempt to educate and make as many people as possible of the good work this organisation does. In June Gainsborough was hit by very heavy rain causing flooding all across the area. One area containing 42 homes got hit extremely hard and the Red Cross were assisting and helping the residents from these homes and other properties.

Many thanks to the sponsor Locksmiths Bristol for being the supporter of this website to help promote educational causes of any nature. This project hopes to discuss all aspects of the Red Cross.

Experts say that even if the water drained fairly quickly, flash floods like this can still cause a considerate amount of damage and danger. The residents helped in this situation were given information on how to proceed with different situations and given emotional support during these difficult times. The volunteers working for this wonderful organisation within our country borders are on standby and ready to help should any situation require it. So in light of the good work that is done locally, aid that is given to those who need it we recommend getting involved with the Red Cross. An organisation that does not distinguish one person from the other, they work under strictly humanitarian principals to be able to help as many as possible. There are many ways in which you can get involved, so lend a hand today!

Giving you some info on The British Red Cross

The British Cross is a volunteer based organisation who we would like to help inform and educate you about. This organisation is a humanitarian organisation, and they do much of their work in helping those in severe and dire needs. As an organisation with a neutral status they are able to help when disaster hits. They work both locally at home, and of course bring their skill and knowledge, as well as their work and their efforts to a global scale. As you know, we’ve heard about many natural catastrophes lately, or political conflicts where The British Red Cross have been there and help, both directly and indirectly. The Red Cross, operates in many countries, and the global organisation is always on call to be able to provide support directly, as it’s always needed most urgently directly when disaster or directly after disaster has hit. With a 24h response time to any site on the planet, they can be there to give emergency support, for any one in need.

The Work

We want to bring to light the work of The Red Cross, as although they are a known association, many seem to know very little about the work that they actually do. They are involved with aid situations both local and global, as well as helping both in emergency and crisis, such as natural disasters. As well as the aftermath of such natural disasters, in the rebuilding and restoration.

The British Red Cross are part of a global help and aid network, as well as being part of the local aid network, and the country wide one. The humanitarian organisation is there to help anyone in need. No matter who or when this aid is needed. The Red Cross is ready, and in a position to be able to help. Their work in the cases of natural disasters involve things like helping those directly affected first with their emergency call out. After a disaster has hit, The Red Cross aids in providing rations and health care, as well as aiding people in finding friends and family.

Another important part that we would like to inform you about is case of conflict, providing refugee support and support for all victims of conflict. Although we would like to see a world without conflict of course, we are still not yet there. We want to educate to the value of having a completely neutral humanitarian organisation, they can often aid in places, and countries that are often closed due to the conflict which is occurring, without this many would be left in suffering.

Helping to Create

As mentioned they also provide aid locally, in education in first aid, for anyone interested. It doesn’t take much to be part of this organisation, as a volunteer or just a donator. But the work they do is something we will continue to support, and hope that we can bring some more insight to what they actually do. Their work as one of the largest humanitarian neutral aid organisations reaches all corners of the world, and we need to be aware of what is happening, what they are doing. In order to highlight their importance on our planet today. People from all walks of life and all types of business like another of our sponsors Local Plumbers Bristol and many others get involved to try and support the good causes and work being carried out.

Much important work is carried out and often in areas that people are unaware of. This is often work that people should know about as many projects need the help of other people and the community in general.

Many people from all walks of life have been lucky enough to have been helped by the Red Cross and are thankful for the great work they do and the amazing effort of so many volunteers and helpers that are making a real effort to help others. ” There a great organization and there are a million reasons why you would want to help. When you look at some of the great work going on at home and abroad then you start to realise what a great set of guys they are and want to do everything you can to help with any of the work they are involved in. If you’re like me working and you don’t really have the time to give then you’ll probably do like me and try to support some of their projects so that they can carry on and fund some of the great stuff they’re doing. I support a few different charities and like to devote a certain amount of my income to charitable causes.

“I believe this is what many people do and many more would like to do. Even when back in the day I used to work for Plumbers Manchester I used to try and get involved whenever I could. My sister used to also donate regularly for the same reasons. I think it is a personal choice but one you can really feel happy with because you know you are doing something good. The important thing is to be able to choose the best charities that are really doing the work on the ground. That is why I am such a keen supporter, it allĀ  makes sense really I have been lucky enough in the past and that is why I wanted to help with one of their causes.” Dave White Sponsor from Locksmith Bristol.”