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This is a website that has been created to educate people about the work of the Red Cross.


Many people are aware that the organisation exists but how many people actually know very much about the good work that they carry out on a regular basis? It is for this reason that we are keen to discuss. It is also worth noting that it is not only within your own country might be operating. There is a vast amount of international work that is carried out and this is surely fantastic work that as many people as possible understand and appreciate. People from all walks of life, from, teachers, store workers and students try to be involved.

The Red Cross History

We would like to tell you some about the rich history of aid the red cross has been providing specifically here in the UK. There was a group of volunteers who were assigned to educating other volunteers in first aid. These educators were simply know as VAD during the war in 1909. It was an issued scheme for voluntary aid for people to be able to help where they could. Within this scheme, the British Red Cross was given the role to be able to provide supplementary first aid to the medical services in case of a conflict and war situation. The branches around the country of the Red Cross organised these units of educators who were trained in nursing and emergency first aid. After the first year of running the project over 6000 had been trained and educated in how to be able to provide first aid. When the war broke out in 1914, those who were trained were used in action together with St Johns of Jerusalem, another body at the time who were also empowered to raise voluntary aid in this time, they were able to help many during the first world war.

Gift Aid

Why not make your donation more valuable. We would like to take a moment to let you know about the good idea of gift aid, if you are interested in making donations to this great humanitarian organisation. Described by many as the easiest and simplest way to give to a charity, gift aid is good in all directions. This scheme was set in pace by HMRC, and it basically means that for any donations which are made to the organisation this way, The Red Cross can reclaim the basic tax rate which all income takers pay on their salary. So rather than paying tax on your income, then giving to charity, you can use this scheme to make bigger donations. In actual numbers it means that for every pound you give to The Red Cross, they are able to reclaim 25 pence of the income tax, making your effective donation 1 pound and 25 pence. This has no implication on your own income or the tax you pay. Thanks to Locksmiths of Clapham for ensuring Gift Aid on all of their donations.  It’s a simple scheme to sign up for and all that is required is that you give your consent for the tax to be reclaimed on a one off declaration. So why not give more when it’s so easy, and makes such a big difference to the work done.

A world in change, your help is needed

Here the team supports what we see as the most prominent of human efforts to help each other, not based on theories or beliefs, but based on what we know every human individual needs.

an organisation with the right values

It’s summarised often as human rights, and include the aid work which this iconic organisation stands for. Today, as you may be aware of there have been many disasters around the world, both of natural origin as well as spawned by human conflict. And as with many of these type of situations, there are many civilians, innocent bystanders to the wars waged between countries in attempts to force their convention and ways on their neighbour.

It is indeed a feat today to even dare look at the state of affairs in the world, see the refugees in need being refused entry. Turning a blind eye to those in direct need to in order to protect ones on financial status and cash flow. It’s dis-heartening, cruel and makes us questions our own nature. The team here are eternally grateful, many of us parents, to the great work that this humanitarian networked, organised and amazing organisation does. One could even say that we depend on them from help in case of emergency as governments and companies interested only in profits will likely act and proceed much like what is going on right now.

If you agree with us, or if you have suggestions to how we can get the world out to people and find the support needed to bring this aid organisation which holds human values rather than monetary ones please do get in touch. Your help is needed urgently.

Helping refugees in need

helping refugeesWith the current conflicts going on in the world we are now at a state where countries are closing borders for refugee. It may sound horrific, but never the less true. There are today many thousands of refugees denied entry into what for them would be categorised as a safe zone.

We are here to report on the great efforts of a brilliant humanitarian organisation, one of neutral status and one that holds basic human needs at the forefront of their efforts. Today we would like to bring up a point which scares us the most, there are people in search of asylum, refuge and safety from theoretical conflicts and a war that does not have anything to do with their day to day lives. They may be of a different culture, but it does not make them different. We see politicians and governments close doors to those who need them open, and the most frightening thing of all is that those who are not compassionate are gaining support from those scared of what may happen if doors remained opened.

It’s simply unacceptable in a country like the UK, which for the most part see themselves as developed, sophisticated and forward thinking to see that acts of such cruelty are carried on without opposition. Instead of listening to the rhetoric of those who are dealing in arms and defending their wealth, see instead from the shoes of those who are feeling war. Consider the question, what circumstances would cause you to leave your home, your life and your country? I’m sure only devastating scenarios comes to mind, and the same is today true for the thousands seeking refuge.

Help in a time of crises by becoming aware, and donate or volunteer with strong organisations dedicated to do good work, in the name of compassion opposing totalitarianism.

Family matters

If there is one thing that most people can globally agree upon, it’s the simple fact that family matter. The people that we grow up with, that become familiar and who cares for us are to any individual valuable beyond description. This is something that the greatest humanitarian organisation today understands. And yet another point added to the reasons why we are such strong supporters of their work. We would like to inform you that the Red Cross, whom we dedicate the articles on this webpage to as an independent supporter of great causes are always working to make the world better and to help people with the things that matter the most.

Here is one of the most relevant and current efforts which has already helped many individuals find their loved ones in the refugee waves, as the video states there are many who have lost their loved ones on their way escaping from conflict to find safety, and it’s another testament of the good work and the good minds at work in this great organisation.

An organisation with the right idea

a great humanitarian paragon of ideasSomething which is uncommonly seen today, especially in large organisations and at times also in charitable ones is that there is a lack of focus, a lack of organisational power and intelligence which drives their good cause forward in the best possible way. For us here, the red cross is a paragon example managing a vast operation though volunteer work and the good heart of people. With keeping clear core values which are relatable and run though all branches and all practices of the organisation it is no surprise that they have such success. Simplicity helps run an aid organisation on a global scale, one that is surpassed by none, and who has the resources and the capability to help where no one else can. Although people, when asked about the organisation often know of them, they now little of the vast amount of great work they conduct. This is why we have dedicated this website to bring forward some of what is going on, even if it is just a fraction of the sum total.
As a force of good in the current world we live in, for us there is no organisation that can compete, holding human values at the base, and without question, without demand, just helping those who are suffering with a neutral standard, nation and religion-less. It’s simply a wonder of today’s world, and a light of hope in a time which may seem grim when seeing the global situation and the issues human kind are facing. There is head, technology, organisation and good in people who work with them, and if you are searching for inspiration or to help, why not look close, speak to a representative of the organisation when you next get a chance.

Ensure you are with the times and following news

keep with the timesSomething which for the team here is a vital point worthy of salience. Is the current news we are fed from different points. It is of course highly important to keep up to date with what is going on in the world, but what the media reports are often highly negative things. This means taking the attention away and off one of the most important things of all. The success stories, the good news, the great efforts, and the advancement towards a better future.
It’s not easy to keep positive in a word such as the one we currently live in, there are human crisis in mass happening all across the globe, wars, conflict, strife hunger, the list is endless. However there are some forces for good, just good, some which are not passionate working for their right world order, but who are only working for the greater good. One of such organisation today is the Red Cross, a neutral organisation, which holds only humanitarian beliefs as their foundation. They are not for profit, and they are what our site and our team here are dedicated to help spread the good news of.
Finding the good news sometimes takes some effort form the readers point of view, but a the same time is it not a responsibility to keep a good way in mind, instead of letting the glum of the current day and stresses of modern life get one down. Is it not up to each and everyone one to find the hope they need to keep positive, and that including finding the good news. Our favourite organisation is a source of good news, and something that we encourage people to heck in on as often as they have time and can manage.

Always on alert locally

We want to share something that the Red Cross is working on now, that shows how active this organisation is, locally as well. In our attempt to educate and make as many people as possible of the good work this organisation does. In June Gainsborough was hit by very heavy rain causing flooding all across the area. One area containing 42 homes got hit extremely hard and the Red Cross were assisting and helping the residents from these homes and other properties.

Many thanks to the sponsor Locksmiths Bristol for being the supporter of this website to help promote educational causes of any nature. This project hopes to discuss all aspects of the Red Cross.

Experts say that even if the water drained fairly quickly, flash floods like this can still cause a considerate amount of damage and danger. The residents helped in this situation were given information on how to proceed with different situations and given emotional support during these difficult times. The volunteers working for this wonderful organisation within our country borders are on standby and ready to help should any situation require it. So in light of the good work that is done locally, aid that is given to those who need it we recommend getting involved with the Red Cross. An organisation that does not distinguish one person from the other, they work under strictly humanitarian principals to be able to help as many as possible. There are many ways in which you can get involved, so lend a hand today like some of our other sponsors.

Giving you some info on The British Red Cross

The British Red Cross is a volunteer based organisation who we would like to help inform and educate you about. This organisation is a humanitarian organisation, and they do much of their work in helping those in severe and dire needs. As an organisation with a neutral status they are able to help when disaster hits. They work both locally at home, and of course bring their skill and knowledge, as well as their work and their efforts to a global scale. As you know, we’ve heard about many natural catastrophes lately, or political conflicts where The British Red Cross have been there and help, both directly and indirectly. The Red Cross, operates in many countries, and the global organisation is always on call to be able to provide support directly, as it’s always needed most urgently directly when disaster or directly after disaster has hit. With a 24h response time to any site on the planet, they can be there to give emergency support, for any one in need.

A moment for lost and not yet forgotten heroes of our time

for the heroes of our timeNews which no doubt shook the lives of many hit at the end of last year. Something which also we feel is very important information to bring to you. Ensuring that these unsung tales of our modern day heroes ring just a little longer as so that we can find motivation and strength to carry on.

The giant charitable organisation the Red Cross, which we are not a part of, but highly dedicated to assist in our reporting of stories which we feel should reach a larger part of the population lost some of their dedicated volunteers were attacked, threatened, presented with demands of money and for a couple the story ended tragically indeed.

Today we would like for you to be with us, and keep a silent moment of remembrance for the two warm hearted and valiant workers who lost their lives in this ordeal. It is not yet clear who is to be held responsible for this, but what can be said that this tragic event has helped bring a long running conflict into light, one where millions of people are suffering due to matters of state and wars which they have little involvement in.

Today we implore you to help this situation if you can, and providing financial assistance or your own volunteer services is something which is always needed and always welcome. Please get in touch with your local office today, if you hold particular skills ensure that those involved in the process of signing you up knows these, as to make use of your skills where best suited. If you want to read more on these tragic news please visit this great organisations UK based website and find out more.

Remembering human nature and the need for compassion

With an endless list of current conflicts, natural disasters and socioeconomically issues which the globe is facing today it’s easy to lose sight of a longer term goal. Hope is in a situation as this, something of a diminishing resource, and forces for good are more and more rare to find. For us this is of course a grim way of seeing things, but at the same time it also holds much truth and semblance to reality.

remembering compassion ourselves and humanity

Bringing you news and stories of heroic efforts around the globe in in the past and present is our attempt to bring awareness to you, into your day to day life, and help you to see further, past the grey murky waters of the present outlook, and find that hope and optimism needed. For us, the Red Cross and the Red Crescent movement is a firm pillar who have ideals so close to human nature that there is almost no need to apply them to oneself when seen, they are natural, honest and above all human. An organisation such as this instils us with hope, and we would like to share that, to ensure that our nature is not forgotten.

The society is turning colder, the global situation is something we can easily ignore. However should you feel this happening, or see this happening, there is a way to cure it, to heal the planet and ourselves. Simply look towards those who are doing it, in grand scale, feel their efforts and their compassion though you, and perhaps a small spout of action from the faintest of spark of hope is spawned. Here is where the change happen, when we allow compassion to steer, rather than fear.

News which may be closer to home than you think

Here to bring you some more information on the great deeds of the Red Cross and the local volunteers. There are a countless number of good efforts happening across the globe as well as here in the UK. And when the great volunteer workers in the UK are helping to set up rest centres for victims of flood this winter. The three centres which has been set up in affected areas are in Appleby, Kendal and Kenswick, where approximately 50 inhabited homes have been flooded.
The local help was quick, and after the help was requested in the middle of the night there was help on the way immediately. Scotland has also been victim to flood, and here help centres have also been set up for those forced to leave their homes due to it.
bringing you news of red cross great efforts

After the emergency shelters had been set up, they are also manned 24h a day to ensure that the help required is always at hand.
Another excellent example of the organisations efforts at home, and just as they do we also advice that if you are in an area affected you keep in mind the possibility for power cuts and prepare at home. Ensuring you have candles, flash lights and things you may need close at hand. In the more heavily affected areas it’s also recommended to have a grab bag ready. One where you have items good for you and your family should you be forced to evacuate. This should include all the necessities’ such as warm clothes, touch etc. What we would like to pay an extra reminder to is to also include your insurance document in this bag, to ensure that they don’t get destroyed and that your situation can be handled easily and quickly, without having to rummage your home for these in retrospect.

An organisation with the times

an organisation with the timesWhat we would like to bring up and speak a bit about today is the importance of being with what is current. Having a good understanding of the current world, and the needs which present themselves today is important to be able to provide what one aims to do. One of the organisations which we hold in high regard, which is also the leading organisation in providing aid for those who need it the most is of course the Red Cross and the Red Crescent. Here we wish to bring forward their ideals as part of our own campaign for a better world, and by bringing you some further information about what this particular organisation does, we hope that you become more aware, more supportive and more appreciative of their efforts.
The world which is in constant spin, is today moving forward in the region of scientific and technological advances. With this, there are many who see it as a negative and uses the progress as a scape goat for our current mistakes. However, blaming technology is not something which those in this neutral organisation does. It’s a charity who instead of seeking the guilty, seeks solutions for the problems which are currently presenting themselves. And they do so with humanitarian principals and a neutral stand point. Something which we find both commendable and respectable, and would like to bring forward as a suggestion for everyone to take inspiration from. In the current world it seems to be a good thing to not over complicate things, we are still all human, and what is human, we all know on a very personal and intimate level. Seeing we are all of the same kind.

For the future of people

the red cross hope from the past and to the futureThere are today in the world many factors which lead forces to diverge. Different believes, religions, ideals and powers at be with different points of interest. All these are issues we are facing in a time of globalisation and for the team here, there is of course not such a thing as one solution, as there is no such a thing as one problem. A first step however is to forward a different set of ideals which instead of promoting separation, promotes that which is fundamental to each human existence and individual.

Namely that of human rights and equality. Technically the belief that we suffer over population is an urban myth, and the resources in existence is enough to ensure that human suffering at least to the point of hunger is solvable, and now. However theory and practice are not the same. For the great volunteers who work with the wonderful Red cross and red crescent organisations we would like to bring celebrations, simply due to the fact that the set of ideals are secondary to that which is most fundamental. Compassion and alleviation of suffering around the globe. Here we want to bring light on the great efforts of the individuals who are working diligently abroad, or here at home.

Here we do so by trying to spread the news of their good work, and today we say thank you to the individuals who make the whole, bringing human rights to the forefront of the frontier meeting the future. One which, if we are not careful could end in catastrophe. To join the forces of this great organisation don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local office, or charity shop, here you will be able to find the information you need to get involved in a way which is suiting to your interests and skills.

The many great experiences of Volunteering for the Red Cross

There a few ways in which you can experience your own humanity as truthfully as when you help someone. In a society riddled by depression and pressures which may be hard to get out of there is one thing which will always remain as the best remedy. One which appeals to the very core of human nature, some call it primal, some call it part of the human condition, and some simply call it intention. For those who have done volunteer work, or helped a fellow man at some point during their life, the validity of these words may ring bright and clear. But also for those who are considering the option of volunteering or spending their time and energy on helping someone who needs it but is not quite sure how to.
the red cross flag in the wind

Though volunteer work with the red cross, there is of course the experience itself, which will help with direction. But which can also bring other opportunities into range. We are not part of the red cross organisation, but we are dedicated to help bring you information and help spread the nature of their humanitarian work, which also helps many get in touch with themselves and find paths in life which are suiting to them. Another great thing about doing work with the red cross is that it’s a highly educating thing. Often there are training opportunities in which you can even gain valid qualifications such as in first aid, and emergency shelter set up. If you in your current time is in the search for what to do, why not do something highly rewarding like helping others, getting in touch with your local red cross branch will help you find the information you need to start on such a path.

Welcoming the new year and the new start that comes with it

With continuous great efforts of the greatest humanitarian organisation on this planet, we can only look back at the year gone, paying our greatest respects. The Red Cross movement, and the Red Crescent movement are indeed a sign of hope for humanity, in a world which many condemn to be going under due to commercialism, consumerism, battles for power and so forth. However, with eyes on the great efforts of an organisation such as this, we, who support them greatly in the best way we can, are indeed instilled with hope for a greater future.

the red cross thank you for all wonderful efforts in 2015
There are sub organisations of the movement in many countries across the globe, and with this vast cooperation to retain human rights, aid in times of crises, and many local efforts we can see that the nature of humanity is clearly good, and with work towards elevating suffering on a global scale. We can enjoy new hope, in a world which may at times seem dismal and on a road towards destruction.
So thank you to this great effort of the true nature of human nature, and than you for tuning in to read the little snippets of information we do our best here to relay. If you as part of your new year’s resolution are searching to get involved and volunteer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local red cross branch in the new year. Lastly we would like to give thanks to the team here who gives their time, energy and dedication to carry on forwarding great news of the red cross, locally and globally. Happy new year!

Aiding with mobility and support at home

help at home with and for the locals, we offer support and respect for this organisationOne of the great efforts which our top pick for charitable organisation of the year awards, which is being made here at home in the UK is the availability of mobility. Helping those with issues to move around a lot or walk for long distances to some ease in daily tasks as well as allowing for days out and access to a good and enjoyable life regardless of a mobility issue is something which we consider honourable and that we would like to mention and bring to your attention.

Partially for those who could use some assistance, and partially for those who would be interested in also assisting and doing their chartable part to help each other out. Something which with the current stressful times has been pushed to the back seat. Bringing some compassion, closeness, connectedness and community back to the places where people live. Is what we here consider one of the greatest efforts done today.

Learning how to care for each other is perhaps the greatest lesson of all, and in it lies the secret to the long lasting peace we have been searching for. If you would like to know more about mobility aids available to you, please feel free to visit the official website of the red cross UK, where you can also find information should you wish to sign up to volunteer.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for our website which is here to support and bring forward the great work of our favourite organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us though our contact page.

Another great effort in the name of humanitarian ideals

Just to bring you another good story of what the British Red Cross is involved with doing, one which will warm the heart of many football fans, and perhaps also jog the interest of those who are collectors of items.

red cross and help from a known footballer

You may have heard about someone called Steven Gerrard, spending most of his time as the captain of the Liverpool team he has become a legend, and what collector would not what the chance at the shoes of him. Signed and ready to be handed over to the highest bidder. All profits of course go to charity. With a message inside reading “you leave a legend, you return a hero”. The shoes are in the iconic red and white coloures of the team.

There are only 17 pairs of these specific Adidas boots in the world, and none has ever been for sale before.

The reason for Gerrards donation is to collect money for the refugees, more specifically it’s for the Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal, and part of the slogan used is “With love from Liverpool”. This appeal has raised thousands of pounds to help those in refugee situations, and of course you can do your part as well even if you are not wanting to bid on some football legeneds old shoes.

The Red Cross in need of your support

A Red Cross worker wraps boxes with aid for Haiti in the patio of Mexico’s Red Cross in Mexico CityOf course we’ve made it our mission to try and make people aware and educate the general population to the good the red cross movement does, but also to how they operate, and why they need support. With being a non-profit organisation, the Red Cross movement are reliant on people to help people. They are only the organisers, the planners of action, and no matter the action, whether it’s a small action of kindness or economical assistance for those in need. It is an actual need. In order to keep on alert, early investment is needed, the unexpected disasters does not strike keeping our current global economic system in mind, and being able to provide support instantly is one of the major reasons the Red Cross is reliant on the donations of those who give, and can give.

The Work

We want to bring to light the work of The Red Cross, as although they are a known association, many seem to know very little about the work that they actually do. They are involved with aid situations both local and global, as well as helping both in emergency and crisis, such as natural disasters. As well as the aftermath of such natural disasters, in the rebuilding and restoration.

The British Red Cross are part of a global help and aid network, as well as being part of the local aid network, and the country wide one. The humanitarian organisation is there to help anyone in need. No matter who or when this aid is needed. The Red Cross is ready, and in a position to be able to help. Their work in the cases of natural disasters involve things like helping those directly affected first with their emergency call out. After a disaster has hit, The Red Cross aids in providing rations and health care, as well as aiding people in finding friends and family.

Another important part that we would like to inform you about is case of conflict, providing refugee support and support for all victims of conflict. Although we would like to see a world without conflict of course, we are still not yet there. We want to educate to the value of having a completely neutral humanitarian organisation, they can often aid in places, and countries that are often closed due to the conflict which is occurring, without this many would be left in suffering.

Helping to Create

As mentioned they also provide aid locally, in education in first aid, for anyone interested. It doesn’t take much to be part of this organisation, as a volunteer or just a donor. But the work they do is something we will continue to support, and hope that we can bring some more insight to what they actually do. Their work as one of the largest humanitarian neutral aid organisations reaches all corners of the world, and we need to be aware of what is happening, what they are doing. In order to highlight their importance on our planet today. People from all walks of life and all types of business like plumber Bristol and many others get involved to try and support the good causes and work being carried out.

Much important work is carried out and often in areas that people are unaware of. This is often work that people should know about as many projects need the help of other people and the community in general.

Many people from all walks of life have been lucky enough to have been helped by the Red Cross and are thankful for the great work they do and the amazing effort of so many volunteers and helpers that are making a real effort to help others. ” There a great organization and there are a million reasons why you would want to help. When you look at some of the great work going on at home and abroad then you start to realise what a great set of guys they are and want to do everything you can to help with any of the work they are involved in. If you’re like me working and you don’t really have the time to give then you’ll probably do like me and try to support some of their projects so that they can carry on and fund some of the great stuff they’re doing. I support a few different charities and like to devote a certain amount of my income to charitable causes. I believe this is what many people do and many more would like to do. Even when back in the day I used to work for Plumbers Manchester I used to try and get involved whenever I could. My sister used to also donate regularly for the same reasons. I think it is a personal choice but one you can really feel happy with because you know you are doing something good. The important thing is to be able to choose the best charities that are really doing the work on the ground. That is why I am such a keen supporter, it all makes sense really I have been lucky enough in the past and that is why I wanted to help with one of their causes.”


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